Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Road Trip Snacks: The bad, the good, & the tasty

Road trips are consuming my summer this year. Spending long hours in the car tend to make me want to snack here and there or plan snacks for when meal time is approaching. Through time, my husband I try to avoid restaurants that fall along interstates, so we usually pack a crate of food before we leave the house. I am going to share some of our favorites but would love to hear what my audience enjoys while they are on the road.
First I have share those snacks that I only eat while road tripping. These treats just seem to taste exceptionally good while in a car but I never eat at home...I am assuming I am not the only one who has snacks they feel that way about as well.
My favorite car only treat...
Chicharones (fried pork rhines)
Usually I go for whatever brand like this

But I recently found this bag at Whole Foods, which took a little guilt away 😉

Another snack I like is Beef Jerky. Usually this is something my husband buys but I always find myself trying a piece or two.

Lastly, I like to buy several bags of Goldfish Crackers and mix them all in one bag. I know these are kind of a common snack but they just don't taste as good to me at home as they do all mixed up while driving long distances.
When it comes to meals, we truly try to avoid fast food or just pure junk. Chips and sandwiches used to be our go to, but became boring quickly. We plan ahead for easy things to put in the cooler that can assembled easily road side and take a break. Luckily, we live in a beautiful state so sometimes we get a great view while lunching. 

This is an example of our recent road trip lunch.

My favorite little treat was a surprising combination. 
Triscuit, Laughing Cow Cheese, and blueberries...YUM!
What are your favorite road trip snacks? Healthy or not!


  1. I love sesame sticks..string cheese and dry roasted sunflower seeds:)

  2. As kids I remember a road trip dinner at a hotel room which we never repeated but if did satisfy: bagels, cream cheese, and turkey slices.