Thursday, June 30, 2016

Savings! An app that really pays off!!

There are so many apps out there that claim to save or earn you money. One of the ones I like is Shopkick, where you earn points by walking into store and scanning certain products, then you trade those points, or kicks, in for gift cards to places like Target or Starbucks. You can also get bonus points for referrals, well last July, I sent the link to a friend and she sent me a link to a different app for me to try out! That link was for IBOTTA! I love that app!!! 

The app follows the concept of how we use to use coupons, but now it's in a rebate form. You shop, you scan, then snap your receipt, an then after a few hours you get you refund! Once you have accumulated a certain amount, then you can cash it in for gift cards or sent it to a paypal account for cash! The rebates add up fast! In one year, I have earned $800+ from using IBOTTA! My results are not typical but I have sent referrals and taken advantage of bonuses during the holidays.
I am attaching a few screenshots of some of the rebates that I have unlocked so you can see what is available. I have everything from cereal to snacks, to even New Belgium beer!

The best way to utilize this app is to be open minded to try new things and spend a little time checking out what's rebates are available. It's equivalent to taking the time to skim through the Sunday paper to clip coupons. A big perk is referring to friends, your friends will get $10 bonus after their first rebate posts if they follow your link, but you get $5! 
Honestly, there were times where I let the rebate determine what I bought but not too often. IBOTTA introduced me to things I had tried before, like Chiboni Flips yogurt which is now a staple in my work fridge for breakfast. One rebate that became popular with my group of friends was a rebate of $4 for Bud Light and food. It was not our first choice of beverage but it made happy hour fn and cheap a few times!
As of tonight, after redeeming rebates on Luna bars and nail polish, I hit $802.30as my lifetime earnings! That is way more than I could earn clipping coupons!
You are welcome to follow this link to check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

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