Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Erin Condren Teacher Planner Comparison of New to End of Year!

About this time last year, I posted how my 1st Erin Condren Teacher Planner was utilized by the end of the year. Today, I am pulling out my brand new one for next school year of 2016-2017 and comparing it to the very much used one of 2015-2016.
I decided to show my new planner versus my end of the year planner.
I ordered next year's planner a couple of months ago when they were having a sale, and then I saw this cover. It reminded my of Kid President type quotes.
That is probably the first change I made with my teacher planner was buying interchangeable covers. I caught them on BOGO sales.

The inside didn't change much but my students were constantly giving me notes at the end of the year, so there are several that are just shoved into the front cover of my planner.
I pack this page with all of my passwords, there seems to be so many in our teacher world.
Unforunately, we do not have a lot of volunteers at my school, so this page stayed blank the whole year. I hope to change that for the upcoming school year!
Calendar pages that I thought I would customize but didn't...
Traditional pages

Attendance is a big issue in our district.
 I tried to customize the pages with washi tape,
but never found a purpose for these pages
These pages came in handy for sketching out,
 but decided not to share to much.
Erin Condren did make a larger grid this year.
I ordered customizable labels and broke down our curriculum for the year.
LOVE the lesson planning pages. I printed our schedule on small Avery labels and used washi tape to block off our lunch and specials' rotation. My favorite addition I added this year was I found a tip on Pinterest to tape off the edges per quarter using different colors/prints of tape to see at a quick glance how much longer was left in a quarter. This tip really helped me while planning for testing and report cards.
A close up of the different colors/prints I used to separate the quarters.

Another addition I used this year was the personalized dividers. They are very cute but not necessary since the planner is already broken down in sections so well.
I used leftover pages from my previous year's planner to add into this year's planner.
Great resource for staying organized.
I love the idea of these stickers but there were some left over from my previous planner, so I have even more leftovers for this upcoming year.
I love the clear sleeves and pockets, I use them for everything from schedules to stickers.
I hate the idea of wasting the extra pages, so I tore them out and cleaned up the edges to use as clipboard checks or notes for this upcoming year.

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