Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Favorite Snack

On a recent trip to Whole Foods, I got stalled in the entry as several people walked in at one time. I looked over and saw a bag of popcorn and thought it would be a great snack, then I looked closer...

It is the perfect little kernels just before they blow up puffy. My favorite!
There were a couple of flavors but I went with the basic to try it and now I am hooked!!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ready to get back to school...

I usually don't post about my classroom but I am super stoked about a couple of things! My position is an interventionist for first and third graders. I teach reading and math at various levels.
First my student display wall. My classroom is very bright and mostly in an owl theme. I wanted to create a display wall for student work using these owl clothespins/clips I found at World Market but they only had one 6 pack so I needed a new idea... My third graders are obsessed with mustaches, and while at World Market, I found mustache clothespin/clips. (They are meant for clipping gift tags to gift bags)
The Wall - Mustache Theme 
Fan "STACHE" tic Work
Close up of the mustache clips
My next fave is the board just outside of my classroom that greets the kids and any visitors that come by our room.
Next is my owl board to display STAR WORK, I had to use those owl clothespin/clips even though there were only 6. The focus of this wall is to showcase work where students show their best work! I change this board weekly. The kid have bragged to their home room teachers when I put their work up, so I think it helps to make them feel special.

My Word Wall for the first grade Sight Words.
Reading Boards-I teach two different grade levels and they need to use different resources. Some posters will stay all year where as others will focus on a skill we are working on at the time.
1st Grade
3rd Grade
Learning Targets
I was having the hardest time posting my learning targets so I found a board similar to this on Pinterest and decided to give it a try. 

You will notice the at the bottom a sign that says "Paper Jail" that is where my no name papers end up and if not "bailed out" they will be tossed out.

Other classroom shots...

Golden Globe Worthy-American Hustle

*update 3 wins at the Golden Globes!
Usually I do not get excited about the Hollywood awards shows but super stoked to see how American Hustle does collecting wins tomorrow night! 
First of all, the casting and costumes make this movie phenomonal! Christian Bale's combover and toupee combo were historically, well done, then there is Bradley Cooper's perm. Fabulous! The story follows a couple of cons who get caught and begin working with the FBI to bring down corrupt politicians of New Jersey set in the late 70s. The character development sucks you in from the beginning and I personally felt like the movie could just keep going. Very well done!

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New Cooking/Shopping Challenge

Just like everyone else, the new year gives that motivation of saving money, eating better, and getting organized, Jeff and I are doing just that. Today, inspired by a recent issue of Everyday with Rachel Ray, we made a list and a menu for what we hope is for the whole week.
Off we went to Whole Foods and to Sprouts. We actually went to both stores because certain things were for quality and budget friendly. We are excited to put together meals with simple complexities versus our standard protein and veggie. 
Day one-the shopping $175.43 total + $7.85
Went back to the store to buy coffee and beans to go with the tacos.
The damage.
The bounty which includes most ingredients for the recipes on our menu as well as fruits, breakfast foods, and snacks.
I will continue this post throughout the week to share how we are doing!

Hearty Sausage, White Bean, and Spinach Stew 
(we swapped kale for the spinach, personal preference)
All ingredients were purchased on our shopping trip on Saturday.
Our version...(leftovers will be great for lunches versus sandwiches and frozen meals)
The recipe called for about 3 1/2 but it took more like 6 hours to get the beans tender...
The flavors are great but I think it will get better as leftovers.
Getting Ready for the Broncos game!
The Recipe
My version (pretty close)
Then we prepped for our weekday dinners...
Recipe using the beef we slow cooked the day before...okay it's not really a recipe but guides you towards a dinner idea.
My version (we have enough toppings left over to do this meal again this week)
The recipe idea...
My version, I served it with store bought pot stickers so I could have leftovers for lunch. We could not find wide flat noodles so we used brown rice pad Thai noodles. Very quick dinner.