Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year Planning Style

The delivery!

I got a gift code for $25 off my next order since this was my 5th order!!
It is so nice to get rewarded for my addiction.

Notecards that match my teacher planner to give thank you notes at work.
Love this interchangeable cover! So pretty.
My big purchase was this super cool address book. I know I should just have all of these contacts in my phone or on my computer but I love using an address book and this one is just so cute!!
Divider Page
Alternating colors for each entry
Quotes throughout
Back Pocket for the perpetual calendar
double-sided for stamps or whatever
Plus the zipper pouch with samples

A couple of weeks later, I ordered my first LifePlanner! I actually won a $50 gift card through a giveaway to use towards a LifePlanner.
Love these deliveries!! 


Because there was a sale, I also bought my Teacher Planner for the upcoming school year. I know they change elements in the planners from year to year but felt it was a good deal!!

To save $10 on your first order follow this link-

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