Sunday, December 20, 2015

Hello Fresh Delivery Service

Ladies at work introduced me to a new service. Hello Fresh. 3 meals, all the ingredients, portioned, and the recipes all delivered in a box.
The service for 3 meals for 2 people costs $69. It seemed pricey until the other night we felt lazy and didn't want to go to the store and went out to dinner, which cost $45. The cost made sense.
This is what we received...

The meals are boxed separately and on ice. A book with each of the recipes is included to guide you through the process. Each recipe says that it takes between 35-45 minutes. My husband tagged teamed in the kitchen and it took just a few minutes longer than the recipe cards stated but not too long.
Meal One
Turkey Tetrazzini 
Meal Two
Soy-glazed Steak and Wasibi Mashed Potatoes
Meal Three
Tuscan Ribalotti 

Overall, I am pleased with this service for the products and the convenience. Once you sign up, you can see 3 weeks worth of menus. You get 5 options for your 3 choices. If you are busy, out of town, or just want to skip a week, you can pause the service. If it is not the right fit for you, canceling is easy as well.

Use this link below to save $40 on your first delivery.

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