Sunday, June 14, 2015

Love a good sale!

If you know me, you know I love to shop but the budget does not always allow everything I want. I have not been successful with the traditional budget shopping at consignment shops, discount shoots/websites, clearance racks, or even shopping at Target. Through the last few years, my profession and lifestyle have directed me to mainly one store for the majority of my wardrobe. Loft! I am a sucker for sales and Loft has something on sale all the time. This past week, I benefited A LOT! I am so proud of my budget success that I have to share!
To start of with, if you are a loyal Loft shopper, you know they do a promotion for Loft Cash Cards where if you spend $50, you will receive a card for $25 of your next $50 purchase during a determined time period. 
Recently, I was planning a trip to Vegas and wanted some summery, new fashions. The entire store was 40% off, so I stocked up on some staple, summer pieces and a couple of fun dresses for my trip. I earned 6 of the Loft Cash Cards! Well the time came to redeem the cards and I needed a dress for an upcoming wedding, as well as some nice summery prices that I could wear into the beginning of the school year. Over two trips this week, I am set for the summer and into the beginning of the school year!

First trip-
Dresses and skirts were $25 off and scarves were 50% off, note that these were promotions and not clearance. So I bought 2 dresses, 1 skirt, and 1 scarf. I was able to use the teacher discount, #Loftlovesteachers, and two of the Loft Cash Cards.
This was the receipt for my purchases, notice what I saved compared to spent!
@74% overall discount!

I still have 4 more Loft Cash Cards, and even though I didn't need anything, I could not let such great deals pass by...

Second trip-
Several promotions! Maxi dresses were $25 off, shorts, tanks, and tees were 40% off, scarves were 50% off and they had various accessories for $8 (originally $15.50 to $24.50)
I bought 3 maxi dresses, 1 pair of shorts, 2 tanks, 2 scarves, and 4 hair accessories, again these were all promotions and not clearance items. The last time I was at the store, they had asked if I was a Loft Insider. Well, no I wasn't so they told me to sign up at home and I got an email for 25% off my next full price purchase! A lot of discounts won't combine, but every Loft store I have shopped at, they will try combining discounts and the computer will accept some on this trip it worked to save 25% on top of the promotions, then I used my last 4 Loft Cash Cards!

My receipt, again notice the amount saved versus spent!

@ 73% overall discount!

Last thoughts-
Although Loft is affordable, I have never been this successful in my shopping, hence creating this blog post! I am a fan of good deals and these are the types of deals you should keep your eye out for! Please note, Loft Loves Teachers, so bring your badge for 15% off and sign up for Loft Insider for a one time 25% off code! One last thing, "full price" refers to anything in the store that is not on clearance. The clearance section runs its own sales that cannot be combined with any other discounts.

Please share any fabulous deals that you have found that you are proud of as well!!!

*the background of my second receipt is my latest obsession, Erin Condren. I have previous post about their products.

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  1. This is shopping by a wise shopper. You go girl!