Friday, June 26, 2015

Latest Delivery, Just Accessories to Add to my Obsession

It's been a few years since I realized that I have a problem with office and school supplies. I understand that this is a common issue among teachers. My issues seem to well over the average compared to some as well as meek compared to others.
My first realization that I definitely fell on the higher end of office supply collector/obsess-or was when we moved and I packed up my office.
(Just a note that this is just my overflow from my classroom)

About a year ago, I was interviewing for a new job. The teaching market in my area is extremely competitive and I knew that my qualifications showed that I was a good candidate but so were the other 150-250 people that submitted resumes, which meant that I needed to stand out just a little if I was chosen for an interview. I came up with a personality type question to ask at the end of the interview. (Don't worry, I asked very sincere questions that pertained to that school or district...) It just seemed perfect to incorporate my school/office supply obsession into my favor during my job hunt.

I came up with an idea to ask, "If you could pick just one school supply, what would it be and why?" The question was very purposeful because the answer tells you just a little bit about the person whether they are practical, technical, a bright personality. 

You may think that is a silly question but I had 3 interviews within about a week, where I asked that question. During the first interview, I seemed to have caught the team off guard but it seemed to have sparked a conversation. The principal was new that year and said that he was learning a lot from his new team from that question. That principal called back to let me know that they chose to fill the position within the district, but the principal told me that my last question left the interview team talking about me. 

The second school interview team, seemed to enjoy answering that question and it sparked a conversation which led to a strong connection with the team I could be possibly working with...more on that in a minute/

The third school, the question was asked an answered but I did not feel a connection with anyone in the room. I knew when I left that school that it was not the right fit for my personality. 

So back to the second school, they called and offered me a job, which a graciously accepted. A few days afterwards, I went "Back to School Shopping" and found the supplies that team had said was their favorite to give to them at our first meeting. They were shocked that I remembered what they said they like most.

All of this leads to my most recent obsession pertaining to school/office supplies. After I accepted the teaching job, I realized I needed to get ready for the new school year, new supplies, and a new school. I searched all over Pinterest to find the best way to be organized in my lesson planning and came across Erin Condren Teacher Planners. After watching a handful of Youtube Videos, thank you ladies who post those types of reviews, I took the plunge and ordered one for the upcoming year. If you have read my posts before, you already know that I love that planner. 

This summer I have ordered a few other things from Erin Condren. I have jumped onto the Life Planner bandwagon, but maybe next year. I have ordered a deluxe notebook with a calendar that I use for personal planning, budget, and just for notebook type of stuff. 

Today I received my lasted delivery, just accessories to add to my obsession of school/office supplies. I ordered new markers that were launched this summer with the new Life Planner, sticker book, coil clips, and for my Teacher Planner, colorful date dots and a divider to just customize for the upcoming year to make it seem fresh. I ordered my planner early so I could just be ready to go in August but now I know that she updates them in the summer  making changes. (wish i would have waited but oh well...) 

If you know Erin Condren, you this Box!

My order...
Freebies...Erin Condren is generous with samples of their products.
I skipped the Life Planner this year since I just bought a Deluxe Notebook with Calendar, but I could resist the curiousity of some new items that were released. I bought the Launch Bundle for $25 which included the clear clutch, new markers, and new sticker book. Personally, I with I would have just gotten the markers, the sticker book is not really my style.
Items to add a little more personalization to my teacher planner for the upcoming year. (Since I couldn't wait for the release of the newestTeacher Planner) 
I couldn't wait, so I started working on my new planner!
Lastly, I wanted to compare the new markers to the older ones.
Obvious differences-
The packaging, personally I like both but the plastic box is easier to keep things neat while using them 
The price went up, I think $2
Minor differences-
The colors are a little different-the first 3 are very similar but I love the turquoise and charcoal colors.

If you are new to the Erin Condren shopping experience, follow the link below to save $10 on your first order. 
(The Teacher Planner is suppose to launch in early July)

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