Thursday, August 29, 2013

USA Pro Challenge Stage Six Fort Collins, Colorado

This past Saturday, August 24th, the USA Pro Challenge came through the familiar streets and mountains of Northern Colorado. There were vendors and music playing all through Old Town during the day as sightseers waited until about 4:00pm for the bicyclists to cruise (fly through in a blur) to the finish line on Mountain Avenue, near College Avenue. It was a lot of fun to see it in person as well as on big screens throughout Old Town and at New Belgium Brewery. We watched them climb the mountains of Estes Park, cruise by our old workplaces, continue down HWY 34 towards Fort Collins.
Super exciting...even if I do not know anything about bike racing and get annoyed by how long the Tour de France lasts. I will stick to my cruiser bike with the cute little basket as I roam the streets and bike trails of Fort Collins.

There was not a vacant spot near the race route, high or low...

Waiting at the finish line...

Awarding the winners...obviously, I could not see the winners but the crowd was proud!!

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