Wednesday, August 21, 2013

More Snapshots of Summer 2013-focused on the babies around us!


More moments from the summer would have to include the all the babies we are surrounded by at BBQ and backyard gatherings. We are lucky to have great friends for years and now as their families grow, we feel like part of that family too, experiencing daily life with great people. So this post is a celebration of the little guys in out little world.
There have been great celebrations, short visits, and daily life! Here are just moments from this summer with the Greenes, Baldwins, Morris family, Jayroes, and Roman girls!

Just a gathering at the Laney's house with some super cute little guys.
Nicolai Baldwin, Tyden and Bode Greene, and Addison Morris

Shannon Curtis performing
Backyard concert with Shannon Curtis
Babies may have outnumbered the adults during the concert but they were all sooo cute!!

Park time with the Jayroe babies, Jack and Kaya!

Jodi and Clara Roman came out for a Colorado visit!
So we bruched at Snooze!

Tyden was helping mom set up for the BBQ games. Such a great helper!!

 Hanging the twins & Bentons with the boys playing Rolle Bolle at New Belgium.

Babies hanging out at Teri and Mitch's baby shower!! 
A few really got with the Rock n' Roll shower theme!!

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