Saturday, November 28, 2015

Friends-Giving Casseroles and Movies

Living 1,200 miles from our families, we have embraced Friends-Giving for years. This year we changed it up a bit. My husband and I spent the holiday with my brother and a really good friend but made sure to save our leftovers for another celebration. 
Recently, we caught an episode of "Southern at Heart" with Damaris Phillips, entitled "Friends-Giving Leftovers." The episode was packed full of recipes using leftovers from Thanksgiving to create casseroles to share with friends while watching movies and relaxing. We loved the idea and created our own version.
I chose one recipe and our friends brought over theirs as well. We watched movies and snacked on casseroles for most of the day. Perfect for a chilly Saturday after Thanksgiving.

My version
Leftovers and eggs...
Cooked and ready to enjoy!
*Super yummy, but my pan was a little too big so I know now, I should stick with the pan size in the recipe...
Enjoyed the casseroles and now for the movies!
My choice

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