Sunday, August 10, 2014

Camping Comforts

As summer comes to an end, (aka school starts), I think about my favorite thing to do during the summer months-CAMPING! Through the years, we have backpacked and car camped. While car camping, we have definitely found certain things that make sleeping, hanging, and eating outside more comfortable for us, as well as our 4 legged family member.
Having a dog bed has been good for Sam but also keeps less dirt out of the tent. As well as having portable chairs are a must!
Bringing yard games keeps us entertained after hiking or whatever.
Pancakes! Easily done.
The hubby prefers the French press style coffee but I discovered this fabulous product this summer. The are other brands but having an iced latte in the morning is great!
Road trip grill us the best. It is compact and versatile with the griddle and grill.

I am hoping for at least a couple more camping outings before the cool weather rolls in.

If you have camping comforts that make your camping better, please share!


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