Friday, July 18, 2014

No Soliciting Cuteness

Guests are always welcome, but when you have the sweetest dog in the world who gets overly excited by strangers or line my friends with new babies, the doorbell can be your worst enemy!
Going through Pinterest or Etsy and seeing cute or funny approaches to "No Soliciting" signs, I decided yo make my own.
What my neighbors have on their doors looked to business like-
So I came up with this, which was super easy, cute, and affordable @ $9.00-
What you need:
5x7 frame 
8x11 scrapbook paper (should resist fading)
1 1/2 yard of 1 1/2 in wide sturdy ribbon
Hot glue gun
Picture hanger/nail/hook
I used a fun font and created a 5x7 text box to center to the sign.
I fed the ribbon through the picture for sturdiness, then hot glued the ribbon at an angle to tie a bow.
The sign is hung from the frame and then I pinned the ribbon just for show.
Now we will have to see if it keeps the surveyors, political peeps, flyer posters, and salespeople away!

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