Thursday, September 19, 2013

Retro Gum

Products come and go on a daily basis. There was one gum that I use to love as a kid and remembered everything about from the commercials to the sweet sugary gooey inside but couldn't remember the brand name. I had tried to explain this gum to people in the past but nobody knew what I was talking about...
It came in a square tube with square pieces of gum and when you bit into it, flavored, sweet, gooey center created a burst of freshness while chewing. The other day, I was at The Cupboard, in there small candy section...there was the gum!
I know it is just gum but it is like having a song stuck in your head...I finally remembered the name! 

I found a link to a commercial that I remembered for the gum and just had to attach it...


  1. leave it to the cupboard!
    very cute.

  2. now I know what you were talking about

  3. i remember that stuff :) whats the cupboard? ill have to check it out!

  4. The Cupboard is the kitchen store in Old Town