Monday, September 16, 2013

Flood September 2013

The past week has been emotional and stressful for so many. I feel so lucky to be warm and dry in Fort Collins, Colorado. The worst we had to go through in Northern Fort Collins was that the bridges that went of the Poudre River were closed most of Friday, which meant I was stuck in a mile radius area. This caused a lot of separation in Fort Collins and a few pre-evacauations of a couple of neighborhoods, but all are okay for the most part. Throughout the past several days, we watched it rain for hours on end but thankful we are safe and have the ability to help others around us.

Although we are dry and okay, this is not the same for so many Coloradans so near to me.There were many towns effected from the recent rains and flooding and there are so many pictures that I could share but thought attaching links to slideshows and statistics that would offer more information.
Click link below for photos around the Front Range area.
Photos courtesy of Denver Post

The devastation of Estes Park hits the closest to me since Jeff and I lived there for over a decade. We have many memories and friends there that will be forever be changed. Jeff and I met in Estes Park 16 years ago. We moved away but couldn't stay away. We called Estes Park home from 1999 to 2008 before moving to Fort Collins in 2008 to now. Our jobs were at very popular locations which to my knowledge will be okay but are in the cleanup phase, trying to open/prepare for locals.
I am attaching a link to information about Estes Park and the community.

Highway 34 that takes you from Loveland to Estes Park has take a huge hit during this flood. It is so hard to think about how many times I drove that road. I lived in Estes Park but went to school in Fort Collins and Greeley for four years and I got to know that road so well. A few years later, I moved to Fort Collins but kept working at Ed's Cantina, so I drove that road for a couple of more years. I remember sitting through construction delays, tourists, and just the average commuter. Once, I was even pulled over for road rage because I was so eager to get home. Now there will be a new normal as patience will be needed to travel to Estes Park in whatever way is available.
Click below to view a slideshow of the damage.

If you want to know how to help, follow this link:

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