Saturday, October 1, 2016

My Latest Erin Condren Delivery

It's not a surprise that I love Erin Condron. It's always exciting when I get a delivery. In this delivery I got the latest 2016 2017 life planner, accessories, I took advantage of a BOGO sale and got some new interchangeable covers.

I enjoy seeing little messages click "hello friend" and when I opened it up there is a 20% off my next purchase, so thank you Erin Condren!
New this year was the keep it together pouch was loose so that you could choose where you wanted to place it in your planner.

A couple of accessories that I had had my ion for a couple of months for the new race markers and travel planner ask for it. My husband travels a lot for work, and there are times when I am like enough to get to join him and it can be short notice so it's nice to have a planner bitch to make sure I have everything I need.
When I decided to finally place my order, luckily there was a sale! They were doing their buy one get one free interchangeable covers so I had to order several! I absolutely love this Halloween cover. I decided to personalize it with beginning lyrics from my favorite song from Wicked, the musical. (And just a reminder that the title of my blog is inspired by the musical Wicked.)
I also ordered a chevron cover for my teacher planner. My entire classroom has chevron on each bulletin board, my throw pillows, and other parts of my classroom so I thought why not my planner.
Lastly I chose the new Halloween cover "wicked fun" for my teacher planner because that's kind of how I feel about teaching.
Just a few of my teacher planner interchangeable covers.

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