Thursday, June 19, 2014


Throughout the years, I have commuted long distances in many directions for school or work. There have been three different types of routes. One route was down a canyon and through two towns for and hour and 10 minutes to go to college. Another route was three short turns and up a mountain, 55 minutes for work. Most recent route was a short drive to hit the interstate fir 32 minutes for work. Those commutes have given me plenty of time to think, which commute is a better commute? I would prefer to bike to work but since the decision is not always mine to make. 
The commute to go to college never bothered me too much because there was no real rush hour traffic because most of my classes were mid-day and if it snowed too much, I just stayed home.
My commute to work up to mountain town was pretty mellow. No rush hour traffic to speak of except a couple of cattle drives that slowed down traffic. The down side to that commute was wind and winter weather. Few snow days off to appreciate for safety reasons but there were few days when I felt nervous driving. The views were pretty awesome and a random moose would entertain me during the drive.
My most recent commute that was mostly on the interstate was my shortest commute but more obstacles. Rush hour was tedious at times and was unpredictable so if I was going to be late, I didn't know it. On snow days, the interstate would be pretty clear but slick because of the heavy traffic.
Now that it is summer and I don't have to commute, it has me thinking about which commute I prefer, shorter, longer, scenic, and I have decided that I would prefer to bike to work...

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